Monster Channel Cat-Fish


The Red River of the North is home to the greatest trophy channel cat fishery the world has ever known. So unique is this magnificent fishery, it has become legendary throughout the world. No other fresh water system on the North American continent produces as many MONSTER channel cat-fish as the mighty Red River. As well, no other fresh water fishery has been as well documented by a wide assortment of media outlets than Red River North. Newspapers, magazines, radio, and even TV have all participated in spreading the word on this one of a kind resource.

Since the mid 1980’s, an all-star cast of international TV sport fishing personalities have come to the Red River. Outdoor communicators from across Canada, the United States and as far away as Japan, Italy and Great Britain have come to experience firsthand, this incredible fishery. The Red River and her WORLD CLASS channel cat fishery could very well be the most internationally documented sport fishery on the planet. Peak times for ultimate action and your chance to land that fish of a lifetime is during May through September.

Greenback Walleye


Throughout these parts, Red River and Lake Winnipeg walleye are simply referred to as the “Greenbacks”. The reason is strictly to do with the incredible iridescent green colouration that runs down the entire length of the walleyes back and sides. No other walleye fishery on the continent produces a more spectacularly coloured walleye.

Over the past thirty years, the Red River has gained a wide spread and international reputation throughout the angling community for producing HUGE trophy walleye. The Red River’s trophy walleye fishery has earned the reputation as a WORLD CLASS sport fishing destination. During late September and well into October, huge trophy walleye enter the Red River in pursuit of their favorite food source, the emerald shiner minnow. This Red River phenomenon is simply referred to as the FALL GREENBACK RUN. Every fall, thousands of anglers descend upon the region and the Red River in search of that trophy of a lifetime.

Ice Fishing


Modern day technology has transformed ice fishing into a “culture”. Once only for the brave of heart, ice fishing has exploded in popularity and is continuing to grow at an amazing pace across the northern United States and Canadian snow belt.

Beginning sometime in early December, when the ice begins to form on the Red River and mighty Lake Winnipeg, an “all-new” season gets underway. Ice-fishing enthusiasts from far and wide make their way to the Red River and Lake Winnipeg to pursue the dream of landing that trophy of a lifetime, and make no mistake, many dreams become realities on these two World Class ice fishing venues. Walleye into the mid-teens are commonly caught every fall and winter. Many agree, that a new world record walleye could one day be caught from Lake Winnipeg.

There are a number of qualified ice fishing outfitters whose expertise and knowledge will help to ensure that your ice fishing excursion for trophy walleye is as successful as can be expected!


Red River North Fishing Map


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